Explored June of 2017 with my friend TJ. This mall was totally dead and depressing. Easily the largest dead mall I have ever been to, it seems the inner core of this mall is doomed for the wrecking ball. Several former anchor stores have been repurposed into a public library and community center in the JC PENNEY'S, a branch of Nashville State in the former DILLARDS, and office building in the former SEARS and the MACY's is currently still vacant. this mall has multiple owners who seem to be in discord over the future redevelopment plans. a really spooky place to walk around, there were almost no internal lights on or HVAC running while we visited, which led to a very surreal experience.  for more info (and some drama):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Mall_at_the_Crossings
 Photographed in june of 2017. McMinnville, Tennessee.  for further information:  http://skycity2.blogspot.com/2009/06/three-star-mall-mcminnville-tn_26.html